Project Description

Technical Standards

Centro Ceramico has been active for many years in the field of technical standardisation. In particular, Researchers of Centro Ceramico are engaged in national and international Standardisation Committees (Coordination of Working Groups or Convenorship).

ISO International Organization for Standardization

  • TC 189 – Ceramic Tiles – WG1 “Testing Methods”, WG2 “Product Specifications”, WG3 “Adhesives for ceramic tile installation”, WG4 “Thin slabs”, WG5 “Backerboards”, WG6 “Tiling installation methods”, WG7 “Sustainability issues for ceramic tiling”, WG8 “Antimicrobial properties of ceramic tile surfaces, WG9 “Elastic adhesives for exterior tile finishing”

CEN European Committee for Standardization


  • CEN/TC 67 “Ceramic Tiles” – WG 1 “Testing Methods”, WG 2 “Product Specifications”, WG3 “Adhesives for ceramic tile installation”, WG 4 “Tiling design and installation”, WG5 “Product category rules for ceramic tiles”
  • SDG (Sectorial Development Group) III “Ceramic Tiles”, Working Group for the establishment and management of the European Mark “Keymark” of conformity to standards, as well as the mutual recognition of test results and certifications carried out in individual member countries
  • CEN/TC 339: “Slip resistance of pedestrian surfaces – Methods of evaluation”
  • CEN/TC 351: “Construction products – Assessment of release of dangerous substances”


  • CEN/TC 194, involved in European Standards concerning “Utensils in contact with food”

UNI Ente Italiano di Normazione

  • GL9/SC3: “Performance of mechanically installed wall tiling (Commission: “Floor and wall coverings”)
  • GL5/SC7: “Ceramic floor” (Commission “Flooring elements”)
  • GL4/SC3: “Floor and wall ceramic tiling. Instruction for the design, installation and maintenance of ceramic tiling. (Commission “Products and systems for the building works”)
  • Certification sector for awarding the mark of compliance to the UNI standards of ceramic tiles
  • GL “Slipperiness of floors” (Commission “Products and systems for the building works”)
  • GL “Floors backgrounds (screeds)” (Commission “Products and systems for the building works”)

Technical documents

Centro Ceramico offers consulting on Laws and Regulations that may apply to the ceramic sector: