Structure and resources

The Ceramic Centre (CC) is a Research and Experimentation Centre for the Ceramic Industry, established in 1976 by Professor Carlo Palmonari of the University of Bologna and managed by an University Consortium composed of:

CC main headquarter is located in Bologna (Via Martelli 26, I-40138), while the branch unit is located in Sassuolo (Via Valle D’Aosta 1, I-41049), in the heart of the Ceramic District.

The staff is composed of 27 units, consisting of researchers, technicians and clerks. The current Director is Professor Maria Chiara Bignozzi of the University of Bologna (Dept. Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering – DICAM), while the previous Directors were Professor Giorgio Timellini (2006-2014) and Professor Carlo Palmonari (1976-2006).

CC laboratories and offices cover, in total, an area of 8300 square meters. The laboratories are equipped with instruments and facilities for quality control and marking tests and for analyses and characterisation of both traditional and advanced ceramic materials.

Since June 2011, CC is part of the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network and belongs to the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) (see our HTN Accreditation Certificate).

Ceramic Centre - Bologna headquarter

Bologna headquarter

Ceramic Centre - Sassuolo Branch Unit

Sassuolo branch unit