Impact resistance test device for non-metallic articles

The device is used to determine the impact resistance of non-metallic articles in contact with food, used for catering and industrial use, where such items are subject to remarkable impact.

Technical features of the instrument

The apparatus, mod. SFT S1-2122 – EN 12980, is  consisting of the following metal components:

  • rigid lightweight metal arm with a radius of swing of 0.2 m and 0.7 m
  • hammer of mass 0.1 kg and 1.0 kg, with interchangeable striking head made from a steel of hardness 55 to 65 HRC.


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impact resistance non-metallic articles EN 12980

Services to industry

  • determination of the impact resistance of non-metallic articles in contact with food, used for catering and industrial use, according to the Standard EN 12980:2000.