The XIV edition of Qualicer has been held in Castellón (E) on 8 and 9 February 2016 and the presentations – oral or poster – were divided in three groups of subjects: Block A – Ceramic enterprise and markets; Block B – Ceramic tile and construction; Block C – Ceramic tile manufacture.
Centro Ceramico has participated with two oral presentations:

  • “Green ceramic tiles: the sustainable use of natural resources as basic requirement” – E. Rambaldi, G. Bonvicini, M.C. Bignozzi
  • “Cleanability of “LAPPATO” porcelain stoneware” – M. Soranzo, E. Rambaldi, F. Prete, G. Bonvicini, M.C. Bignozzi

In addition, in the framework of Poster Session (Block C), a Poster was presented, illustrating the activities carried out so far for the European Project REMEB “Eco-Friendly Ceramic Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Based on Recycled Agricultural and Industrial Wastes for Waste Water Reuse”, funded in February 2015 in the framework of the Programme Horizon 2020.