Prof. Maria Chiara Bignozzi, Director of Ceramic Centre, was unanimously appointed Convener of the Working Group 1 “Test Methods” of ISO Technical Committee 189 “Ceramic Tiles”, during the last meeting of the TC, held in Seville (E) from 7 to 9 Nov. 2015.
The work of TC 189 concerns ceramic tiles. Its activities are related to the development and updating of both the basic Standard ISO 13006, and the Standard ISO 10545 (divided into 16 parts), indicating the measurement and test methods of the technical characteristics of tiles.
TC 189 also develops Standards regarding materials for the installation of ceramic tiling: adhesives, plasters, etc. Within TC 189 there are also WG working on several fundamental issues for ceramic tiles, such as installation of tiling, installation materials, sustainability, new products (eg. large size slabs), etc.
TC 189 is chaired by representatives of ANSI, the US Standardisation Body, but includes a strong – and due – commitment from Italian industry, research and standardisation, as confirmed by the new task entrusted to Director of the Ceramic Centre.

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