Project Description

Analysis and experimentation for the ceramics industry

The carrying out of analysis on specific demand of customers, aimed at the characterisation of materials and the solution of problems concerning products and production process, is one of the main activities of the Centro Ceramico.
In Centro Ceramico laboratories, analyses and tests are carried out to meet different customer needs:

  • issues concerning the different steps of the production cycle of ceramic tiles:
  • issues arising during manufacturing or use of other types of ceramic products:

In addition, Centro Ceramico wants to allow the customer

  • to reach a deeper knowledge of ceramic raw materials, bodies, glazes, semi-finished or finished products as regards:
  • knowledge of the energy balance of the production process and assessment of relevant energy efficiency
  • assessment of the potential use of secondary raw materials in mixes for tiles and bricks, with investigation of the possible variations introduced on the manufacturing cycle and attention to the environmental impact of the new bodies.