Project Description

Assistance and consulting

Centro Ceramico was born first of all to provide assistance and consulting to ceramic tile manufacturers, to solve problems ranging from the mix formulation until the technical evaluation of tiles and ceramic tiling somehow not considered satisfactory, and therefore matter of controversies.
Main purpose of Centro Ceramico is to assist ceramics manufacturers that:

  • want to provide documentary evidence of the quality of their products suggesting, for every technical property, the most appropriate test, taking into account the type of material, the final use and the end market
  • need to meet the demands of their customers
  • have a problem concerning the material and its applications, so they want to know the origin and how to solve it
  • have to export in several European and non-European countries and need to obtain the documentation required by customs, bodies and customers
  • need to identify, understand and adopt technical standards concerning products and tests
  • must prove or improve the environmental impact of their products and processes
  • mean to carry out an energy audit on their manufacturing process, evaluating the efficiency parameters and defining strategies aimed to the reduction of energy consumptions
  • have the purpose of optimising their production process, with particular reference to the reduction of manufacturing defects.

Dr. Elisa Rambaldi – e-mail
Direct phone number: +39 051 0250119