Project Description

Our “Service Packages”

Analysing the complex requests of our Customers, we have selected the most frequent and, in our opinion, the most interesting for Companies; this work has led us to develop our “Service Packages”: groups of tests and activities on specific topics, as a response to recurring problems/needs.
The “Packages” have many advantages:

  • “tailor made” scheduling of laboratory tests.
    The “Packages” include some tests; together with the Customer, we evaluate the need to carry them out or not and, if necessary, to complete them in progress, and depending on the results obtained
  • the third party service is highly specialised, carried out in short time, in very close contact and constructive involvement of the Customer
  • in support of the individual tests, and by Customer’s request, a technical report can be drawn up, in addition to the test report, in order to ease the explanation of results
  • the cost of the whole package is advantageous compared to the amount of the prices of the individual tests.