WINCER results at month 12

Production of innovative and sustainable ceramic tiles in several formats (100 x 100 mm; 250 x 250 mm). These products fulfill the standard requirements, in particular EN 14411 (“Ceramic tiles: Definitions, classification, characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking”). The laboratory prototypes are sintered at temperatures about 200 °C lower than a traditional porcelain stoneware, allowing an energy save of 10% at least. Physical-mechanical performances are still rather good: low water absorption (< 0.5 wt%) and high flexural strength (> 60 MPa).

Go to the line of research of Ceramic Centre “Recycling of waste materials in ceramic tile mixes”.

Wincer provini ottenuti in laboratorio Wincer prototipo piastrella 25 x 25 cm
Laboratory prototypes (100 x 100 mm) obtained with 99%
of recycled materials.
Industrial prototype (250 x 250 mm) fired in a laboratory furnace.