First Newsletter issue for the Project Life SUPERHERO

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The first issue of the Newsletter of the Project Life SUPERHERO is available. This tool is intended as the main vehicle for the dissemination of "best practices" in the field of innovative roofing technologies, at national and international level. The Newsletter will offer updates on ongoing activities, interviews and scientific insights on the Project and [...]

Project Life SUPERHERO at the final conference of Life FORTURE

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Industrie Cotto Possagno, partner in the Project Life SUPERHERO, will attend the final conference of the Project Life FORTURE. The conference will be held on May 24th 2021, from 3 to 5 p.m., with the aim to present the achieved results of the Project, whose purpose was essentially the development of a sustainable production model [...]

INNOVA-CHM Conservation, development, management of the hystorical, artistic built heritage – free webinar

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On May 20th 2021, the free webinar "INNOVA-CHM Conservation, development, management of the hystorical, artistic built heritage" will be held. The event is part of the third edition of Giornate del Restauro. On this occasion, an overview of the results concerning two Projects of which Centro Ceramico is partner will be offered: Project MImeSIS - [...]