1. Any sampling and shipment of the samples to the Laboratory must be made by the Customer, unless otherwise stated in the order form.

2. The Customer agrees to provide the Laboratory all the information considered useful and necessary to the identification of the samples delivered and, for testing in situ, the indication for the geographical area, before the start of the works.

3. In case of unsuitableness of the samples received by the Laboratory, the Customer will have to replace and/or complete them, unless otherwise agreed with the Laboratory (only in the case of tests to be carried out in the laboratory).

4. Unless otherwise specified by the Customer, the Laboratory will establish the Standards to apply for the carrying out of the tests.

5. The laboratory does not guarantee the return of the samples (material ownership) to the Customer, if not specified in the contract, or through formal communication within 30 days from the date of delivery of the samples. The tested samples, and those not tested pertaining to the same lot, will be kept for a period of three months, or five years in the case of samples subject of controversy; upon the expiration of the storage period, the samples will be destroyed, unless otherwise agreed. The documents concerning the tests carried out, will be kept for a period of 10 years; after this period they will be destroyed, unless otherwise agree.

6. The Laboratory guarantees carrying out the tests in situ with suitable equipment and skilled staff, as well as all insurance required by Law and insurance coverage TPI.

7. Concerning the test results, the indication in the test report of the extended uncertainty value (where applicable) and compliance with reference specifications (where applicable) must be requested in writing by the Customer; in relation to any other type of request, the laboratory has the right to decide whether to make explicit these values in the test report. The laboratory, if the Customer requests it, applies the shared risk approach as the standard criterion for the conformity declaration.