With a view to maximum safety for people, Centro Ceramico provides all its training courses and seminars also by videoconference.

The training courses provided by Centro Ceramico are the result of the synergy between the re-elaboration of the results of studies and research carried out in an educational-communicative way, and the listening, analysis and interpretation of Customer needs. These factors, joined with over forty years of experience, allow us to offer highly qualified and qualifying training sessions, characterized by great flexibility, since the duration and content are agreed with the Customer.
The training initiatives are intended for all professionals in the ceramic sector, on issues of particular significance, always in agreement with the most up-to-date standards. The possible topics examine all aspects related to the ceramic tiles and slabs industry. The possible training topics cover all aspects related to the ceramic tiles and slabs industry.

Finished product

  • definitions, classifications, Standards framework, properties and requirements, performance and test methods (EN, ISO Standards)
  • technical performance vs intended use
  • post-sales management and technical evaluation of tiling
  • product certifications (Certiquality-UNI, QB-UPEC, Ecolabel …)
  • product contributes to achieve credits for building certification (i.e. LEED, CAM, BREEAM)
  • product sustainability
  • characterization of surface texture
  • color, reflectance, gloss
  • surface treatments, cleanability, durability
  • surface salubrity (antibacterial, food contact, etc.)
  • comparison with competing materials
  • calibration and control of the instruments of the ceramic laboratory

Manufacturing process

  • sustainability end energy efficiency
  • sustainable mixes with a view of the circular economy
  • environmental certifications (i.e. EPD …)
  • ceramic raw materials and safety of the work environment
  • microstructural characterization and process parameters

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Contact persons:

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