Centro Ceramico provides assistance to the ceramics industry in the field of R&D, thanks to the partnership with important national and international Companies and Laboratories.

Partnership Ceramic Centre Gabbrielli

Partnership Ceramic Centre Reverse&Quality

Partnership Ceramic Centre TCNA

The Gabbrielli technology instruments are present for 40 years in the most known test laboratories worldwide, in the most important ceramic tile and slab companies, as well as in several universities and research centres.
The historic partnership between Centro Ceramico and Gabbrielli technology, involves the design, set up, validation, monitoring, calibration and efficient use of laboratory instruments.

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Reverse&Quality is a 3D modelling laboratory providing specialized services aimed even to the quality control of the ceramic industry products; it also have cutting edge knowledge of advanced and precision measuring instruments. Centro Ceramico combines its well-established expertise with these skills, to develop a measuring method capable of precisely assessing the dimensional characteristics of large format ceramic slabs.

Go to the website: www.reversequality.it

Thanks to the partnership with the Tile Council of North America (TCNA), Centro Ceramico is the only laboratory in Italy owning the same equipment owned by TCNA to perform the Robinson floor test, which is following the ASTM C627. The laboratory of Tile Council of North America (TCNA) is the international reference for ceramic tile manufacturers and distributors that shall ascertain the quality requirements and properties of ceramic products intended for the North American market. The technical alignment of the two equipment is validated by a series of tests carried out between the two laboratories, aimed to obtain the same results. TCNA and Centro Ceramico participate to the ISO International Standards Committees.

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