The topic is very hot and is widely discussed in the issue 186/21 of CIL – Costruire in Laterizio in the piece “The evolution of the digitization of building materials in BIM. Bricks as a case study”, by B. Mazzanti (Centro Ceramico) and S. Sorbelli.
It describes the implementation of the informative and geometric content of some brick building elements within a BIM-authoring software, in order to create a database of building materials. The role and integration of BIM objects created within an interoperable web platform are also dealt with.
At Centro Ceramico the fieldwork is not lacking: as a partner of the Project “eBIM: existing Building Information Modeling for the management of existing building”, it has developed the activities of representing data concerning building materials on two tracks: on the one hand, the creation, through BIM software, of the digital versions of some building products – including various brick elements – on the market, which will be included in the intervention projects of six case studies within eBIM. On the other hand, the definition of a protocol for the acquisition and representation of information data, in order to provide guidelines for all manufacturers who want to create and manage BIM objects of their bricks.