Si può fare – Radio24: listen to the podcast interview

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Now it is possible to listen to the podcast interview made to Giuliana Bonvicini of Centro Ceramico (from about min 44:00) made by Laura Bettini of Radio24 (IlSole24Ore), as part of the program "Si può fare – voci da un mondo sostenibile" on Sunday Sept. 12th. The radio broadcast was proposed with the title "Si [...]

Centro Ceramico talks about innovation for sustainability at Radio24

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On Sunday, Sept. 12th at 9:30 a.m., Dr. G. Bonvicini of Centro Ceramico will be interviewed by Laura Bettini of Radio24 (IlSole24Ore radio), as part of the radio broadcast "Si può fare – voci da un mondo sostenibile". The program, as can be easily understood, is dedicated to those who believe in the possibility of [...]

Master in Ceramic Enterprise and Technology – 3rd introduction webinar

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On September 3rd at 2:30 pm the third webinar will be held, concerning the presentation of the II Level Interuniversity Master in Business and Ceramic Technology - II edition - A.Y. 2021-22. The Master was born from the cooperation between the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, the University of Bologna, Confindustria Ceramica and Federchimica [...]

Digitization of building materials in BIM – let’s talk about it on CIL

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The topic is very hot and is widely discussed in the issue 186/21 of CIL – Costruire in Laterizio in the piece "The evolution of the digitization of building materials in BIM. Bricks as a case study", by B. Mazzanti (Centro Ceramico) and S. Sorbelli. It describes the implementation of the informative and geometric content [...]

Project MImeSIS – #5 questions to… Centro Ceramico

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Giuliana Bonvicini explains what are, in the framework of the Project MImeSIS, the development lines of Phase 3, of which Centro Ceramico is responsible. They can basically be traced back to two main strands: the first concerns the formulation of new "green" geopolymer mortars that use recycled materials from different industry sectors; the second regards [...]

Dissemination activities of Centro Ceramico

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Activities in the framework of the Regional Project "eBIM - Existing Building Information Modeling for the management of the intervention on existing buildings", are continuing also with the publication of articles with the contribution of Centro Ceramico, which intend to summarize the results obtained so far. The last in order of time, which appears on [...]

Centro Ceramico: a Conference at All for Tiles Fair

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On the second day of the Fair All for Tiles - Wednesday July 14th, Centro Ceramico will present a conference in cooperation with DICAM and DIN of the University of Bologna. The presentation is entitled "CO2 storage and cogeneration: which opportunities in the ceramic sector in view of the European objectives" and, in the context [...]

Available online the recording of the webinar “Industrial Predictive Diagnostics”

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R2BOnAir, the innovation event organized by ART-ER, has ended. 5 live conferences and over 40 workshops in which topics related to new technologies and the challenges facing the Emilia-Romagna Region on ecological and digital transition, development of new supply chains linked to the new space economy, Big Data and their application in the field were [...]