On March 5th and 6th, the 18°edition of Qualicer 2024 – World congress on ceramic tile quality, was held in
Castellon (Spain). Centro Ceramico participated with three talks titled:
“The project life Superhero: permeable and ventilated roofs as an emergent solution for climate adaption and
mitigation” presented by Benedetta Ferrari
“Novel low-carbon tiles obtained with geopolymer technique” presented by Giulia Masi (DICAM, UNIBO) and
Giovanni Ridolfi as co-author
“Application of different test methods to assess the wear resistance of ceramic tiles” presented by Riccardo
Fabris (PhD student, DICAM, UNIBO) and Leonardo Sanseverino as co-author.
All the 3 talks have been followed by a large audience. Very important topics such as new ceramic solutions
to face climate change, innovative and sustainable processes, and technical standards to promote innovations
have been successfully discussed.