The joint lab Centro Ceramico / DICAM Dept. of the University of Bologna has been activated in these days.
The SMILE lab “Sustainability of Materials”, located in the spaces of the University of Bologna, can rely on a wide range of instruments for the characterization of ceramic materials (optical and electronic microscopy, BET analysis, heating microscope, optical profilometer, etc. ).
The new Empyrean X-ray diffractometer by Malvern Panalytical, a new generation instrument purchased by Centro Ceramico, was also installed right here. The diffractometer allows to carry out determinations on all raw materials and materials containing crystalline phases, as well as thin films.
After the opening, last October, of the headquarters in Via Vittime 11 Settembre 2001 in Sassuolo, the activation of the joint lab represents the second step of the reorganization process of Centro Ceramico.
The headquarters in Via Valle d’Aosta 1 in Sassuolo will soon be ready: the construction work is currently proceeding with great speed.

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