On Thursday January 18, 2024, at SMILE lab, the joint laboratory Centro Ceramico/DICAM, the second meeting of BLOCH4MAT (BlockCHain technology for ceramic and construction MATerials supply chain) project, coordinated by Centro Ceramico, took place. The meeting was attended by the scientific partners (Centro Ceramico, TEKNEHUB, CIRI-EC and CFR) and the companies involved (InnovationCHAIN, Ardea Ingegneria, Tonalite, Sacmi and Wienerberger). The research and experimental activities, organized in Work Packages into which the project course is divided over the planned 24 months, were presented during the meeting.
The project idea is part of Emilia Romagna development in the framework of Building and Construction production system, promoting research on digitization, artificial intelligence, and big data issues. In this perspective, the technological aim of the project is the application of the blockchain technology to building materials such as ceramic materials (tiles and bricks) and composite materials.