Sustainability is the driving force for transition and recovery at national and international level in view of the goals envisaged by:

Today, in addition to sustainability, research cannot ignore the important concept of resilience or adaptability.
Sustainability and adaptability are therefore the keywords that respond to the needs induced by the “New-Normal” of the post-COVID era and that guide all the topics of industrial interest in the “Process“, “Materials” and “Digitization and Installation Systems” lines.
From digitization and the exponential evolution of technology, we are now witness of the transition from a complicated and practically stable world to a complex and more than ever unstable world in which it is necessary to learn to manage unexpected events. To do this it is necessary to arm ourselves with adaptability and to work as a team, developing general and transversal skills between sectors and laboratories.
The researchers of Centro Ceramico have been working on these aspects for years, in the awareness that one person alone has only an idea but several people together have enormous potential. It is a simple concept that only works if the structure has matured the transition from authority to empathy and from individual work to collaboration. These are goals that are achieved over time, learning trust among colleagues. The latter is an important component in achieving any goals, today more than ever.
In this sense, the researchers of Centro Ceramico are “adaptable”, flexible professionals, able to respond to multiple needs and requests, capable to work in synergy to create ever new and innovative solutions in collaboration with their customers.