Project Description

Chemical analysis

Contact person: Andrea Bernasconi – – Mobile: +39 345 8410333

Chemical analysis by ICP-OES UNI EN ISO 21587-1 and UNI EN ISO 21587-3

  • Refractory materials and equivalent (9 determinations)

Surface texture characterisation; colour, gloss measurements

Contact person: Barbara Mazzanti – – Mobile: +39 340 9631182

Surface texture characterisation; colour measurements

  • Colour coordinates
  • Brilliance measurement (GLOSS)

Surface roughness and texture

  • Surface roughness measurement; determination of the parameters EN ISO 4287
  • 3D surface profile and/or imaging
  • Surface mapping
  • Data processing and 3D images of the surface

Mineralogical and microstructural characterisation, functional performance (thermal conductivity, photocatalysis, antibacterial, …)


XRD analysis

  • XRD analysis (with or without interpretation)
  • Quantitative XRD

Microscopic analysis

  • SEM observation
  • EDS Microanalysis
  • Stereomicroscope observation
  • Optical microscope observation
  • Images
  • Quantitative microscopic analysis (porosity and pore/grain size distribution, etc.

Thermal conductivity (direct or indirect measurement from thermal diffusivity and specific heat)

Photocatalysis and resistance to mould, bacteria; cleanability and durability

  • Photocatalysis tests (internal protocol, ISO 10678, ISO 22197, …)
  • Antibacterial tests for photocatalytic surfaces (internal protocol, ISO 27447, …) and non-photocatalytic surfaces (internal protocol, ISO 22196, …)
  • Determination of the resistance to mould colonisation for photocatalytic and non-catalytic surfaces (internal protocol, BS 5980)
  • Durability tests for surface treatments/finishes/functionalisation
  • Cleanability tests for photocatalitic or non-photocatalytic surfaces for internal or external environments (internal protocol, ISO 27448)

Thermal analysis, density

Contact person: Giovanni Ridolfi – – Mobile: +39 345 9317030

Thermal analysis

  • Heating microscope

Determination of contact angle


  • Determination of density and porosity UNI EN 623/2 – bulk samples
  • Determination of the absolute density of powders UNI EN ISO 18753
  • Determination of the density by helium pycnometer


  • Thermo dilatometric analysis, heating up to 1500 °C
  • Thermo dilatometric analysis, heating up to 1500 °C and cooling
  • Coefficient of linear thermal expansion
  • Coefficient of linear thermal expansion ASTM E 831
  • Linear thermal expansion of monolithic ceramics ISO 17562

Mercury porosimetry

Mechanical characterisation

Contact person: Barbara Mazzanti – – Mobile: +39 340 9631182

Fractographic analysis


  • Vickers indentation
  • Hardness curve applying different loads

Bending strength

  • Bending strength and elastic modulus (fired specimens)
  • Bending strength and elastic modulus (green specimens)
  • Bending strength of 30 specimens with Weibull statistics