Project Description

Assistance for energy saving, electrical and thermal energy consumption

Contact person: Barbara Mazzanti – – Mobile: +39 340 9631182

Assistance for energy saving

  • Feasibility study on the possible recovery of energy wastes deriving from the manufacturing process

Electrical and thermal consumption

  • Energy audit of the factory (subdivided by departments)
  • Reduced energy audit (on single machinery and/or plant)

Thermal consumption

  • Energy balance on single machinery (determination of mass and enthalpy flows, mapping of wall temperatures, materials and energy balance, determination of the specific consumption):
    – kiln
    – spray-dryer
    – dryer
  • Specific consumption on single machinery
  • Investigation concerning energy efficiency and drier control by continuous monitoring of the flow of gases to the chimney
  • Determination of the enthalpy content (heat) of the gases