Topics included in the line of research and relating contact person

• Sustainability of the ceramic process, with a view to circular economy, to minimize the industrial costs, maximize the productivity and improve the technical performance of the finished product
Dr. Elisa Rambaldi ⇒

• Environmental sustainability of the ceramic process: monitoring of air/water emissions and work environment
Dr. Giuliana Bonvicini ⇒

• Energy performance of the ceramic process
Eng. Barbara Mazzanti ⇒

• Study of the industrial ceramic process by a microstructural approach: evaluation of the mixing degree, the powder compaction level and the sintering degree
Dr. Elisa Rambaldi ⇒

Sustainable Development Goals – 2030 UN Agenda

Research Projects

In addition to direct orders from several Companies, the following Research Projects have been funded:

Process innovation for the supply chain of sustainable ceramic tile

Project Sheet

Sustainable materials for the renovation and construction of new buildings

Project Website

Waste synergy in the production of innovative ceramic tiles

Project Website

Ceramic Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

Project Website

Production of quartz powders with reduced crystalline silica toxicity

Project Website