Giuliana Bonvicini explains what are, in the framework of the Project MImeSIS, the development lines of Phase 3, of which Centro Ceramico is responsible.
They can basically be traced back to two main strands: the first concerns the formulation of new “green” geopolymer mortars that use recycled materials from different industry sectors; the second regards the sensorization of vertical facade elements suitable for monitoring – and therefore for the identification – of any displacements and/or deformations before the detachment of the cladding actually occurs. To this end, a special demonstrator was created at the Bologna headquarters, whose wall was covered with porcelain stoneware tiles. Two of them have been fixed so as to fix the aforementioned sensors in special spaces, representing a predictive technology capable of guaranteeing the performance and safety of the cladding, with particular reference to historical buildings, but not only.

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