The Project Life SUPERHERO in the “Smart Buildings EU-funded Innovations” brochure

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The first edition of the "Smart Buildings EU-funded Innovations" brochure, developed by SmartBuilt4EU Project, whose main objective is to consolidate and support the Smart Building Innovation Community, has been published. The brochure provides a collection of short sheets concerning 46 EU-funded projects, identified and selected for their strong relevance to the "Smart Building" theme. On [...]

Lecture on the Project EU Life SUPERHERO at the Polytechnic of Milan

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The EU Research Project Life SUPERHERO "Sustainability and PERformances for HEROTILE-based energy efficient roofs" will be introduced also at Polytechnic of Milan. Prof. Julia Nerantzia Tzortzi has invited Giuliana Bonvicini of Centro Ceramico to give a presentation lecture concerning the abovementioned Project on May 3rd, 2021 as part of the Course European Environmental and Landscape [...]

Centro Ceramico at EMSS’21

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On April 26th Centro Ceramico will attend the EM4SS'21 international online Workshop by Elisa Rambaldi, with the oral presentation "Porcelain stoneware tiles production minimizing the use of imported raw materials". The EM4SS Engineered Materials for Sustainable Structures international workshop, organized by the EN & TECH and CRICT research centers of the University of Modena and [...]

Project EU Life SUPERHERO at “3rd Adapt to Climate”

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The EU Research Project Life SUPERHERO "SUstainability and PERformances for HEROTILE energy efficient roofs", coordinated by Centro Ceramico, will be introduced at the "3rd ADAPTtoCLIMATE" International online Conference, which will be held on April 19-20th. In detail, Giuliana Bonvicini will present a report concerning "LIFE SUPERHERO - Sustainability and PERformances for HEROTILE-based energy", included in [...]

Project EU Life CERSUDS winner at “if Design Award 21″

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The Project EU Life CERSUDS - Ceramic Sustainable Urban Drainage System, of which Centro Ceramico was a partner, won the iF Design Award 21 competition. The Jury awarded the Project, included in the "Products" Discipline - Category 1.19 "Public / Retail", 322 points, while the minimum score to be achieved was 269. iF Product Design [...]

Progetto MImeSIS – CNR-ISTEC and smart mortars with natural hydraulic lime

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In recent months, researchers from the CNR-ISTEC in Faenza worked on the development and characterization of low environmental impact masonry mortars incorporating and interacting with sensors to monitor the parameters having the greatest effect on the salubrity and deterioration of historical buildings. The material-sensor system was then validated on a laboratory scale. In detail, ISTEC-CNR [...]