“The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage”
Arie De Geus (Author of “The Living Company”)


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Support and strengthening of innovation and competitiveness of ceramic industry are among the main institutional purposes of Centro Ceramico.
It is the body, designated by University of Bologna, aimed at the dissemination of ceramics science and technology, as well as at advanced training for the ceramic industry.
The task of the researchers is not only to achieve the scientific and technical goals of the projects, but also to re-elaborate in an educational and communicative way these results, and be able to design, develop and perform high training courses for technicians and other professionals of the ceramic industry.
Centro Ceramico provides “tailor-made” courses for the personnel to be trained and for the specific needs of the concerned Companies. The subject matters can involve several essential issues for the sector:

  • technical standards (measurements and tests according to the standardised methods)
  • ceramic tiling installation (design, problems, controversies, etc.)
  • environment (process and product sustainability)
  • energy (rational use of energy, energy efficiency)
  • defects of the ceramic products (diagnosis and therapy)
  • surface characterisation and slipperiness of tiling

Centro Ceramico collaborates with Technical Institutes and training Institutions for training courses concerning ceramics chemistry and technology and sustainability issues of ceramic materials.

Some examples of courses and seminars held by Centro Ceramico at the link Continuous Training.