Project Description

The calibration of testing instruments is the operation necessary for those who want to keep an adequate standard of quality, or improve their product/process. In fact, to this end, it is essential to identify the parameters that affect these targets and keep them under control: therefore, a measurement of those parameters – reliable over time – is needed.
Calibrate a testing instrument means determining, within known precision limits, the law of correspondence between the results of the instrument and the values of the magnitude that the instrument must measure. Generally, the calibration is performed by comparing the outcomes of the instrument under consideration with those of a similar instrument, sufficiently precise (standard instrument) and by varying especially the value of the applied magnitude.
Centro Ceramico is able to provide a calibration service, with standard instruments, on:

  • calibration plates
  • calibration weights
  • pressure gauges
  • balances
  • instruments for the determination of breaking load / flexural strength
  • dial indicators
  • lux meters
  • callipers
  • abrasimeters for the determination of resistance to surface abrasion – PEI method
  • abrasimeters for the determination of resistance to deep abrasion – Capon
  • dynamometers for determination of coefficient of friction – Pull Meters, according to the Standard ASTM C 1028
  • instruments for the determination of dynamic coefficient of friction, type Tortus, according to MD 236-6 / 89.

Contact person:
Eng. Leonardo Sanseverino:
Mobile: +39 349 0700338