Project Description

Centro Ceramico, since its establishment, has studied and formulated innovative proposals regarding the energy issues of the ceramic industry, to support the considerable efforts made – since the 70s – to introduce more new technologies in the manufacturing process, aimed at energy saving.
The result of this activity is the book “Database of Energy Consumption of Ceramic Tile Industry” that, to date, remains the reference frame for the energy benchmarking of the sector.
The gained experience allows Centro Ceramico to continue to offer a service of process control and energy auditing.
In particular, the service is structured in:

  • energy audit of the manufacturing process, through measures of energy, thermal and electrical consumption of apparatus (continuous or discontinuous cycle) and plants with the possibility of enthalpy monitoring (continuous or spot)
  • definition of specific consumption and mass and energy balance
  • assessment of energy efficiency of the manufacturing process and development of strategies for reducing energy consumption by:
    1. identification of energy efficiency actions on plant and machinery
    2. determination of different ways of managing the process.

Centro Ceramico is equipped with appropriate instruments to assess energy consumption, thermodynamic characterisation of current and gaseous effluents, as well as mapping of the wall temperatures.
In particular:

  • anemometer and thermometer probes
  • infrared pyrometers
  • electrical quantities analysers
  • volume counters

On the basis of on-site inspections, Centro Ceramico is able to assess the opportunity to carry out measurements in order to determine one or more energy balances, also in industrial plants outside its usual fields of interest.

Contact person:
Eng. Barbara Mazzanti:
Mobile: +39 340 9631182