Project Description

The laboratory deals with chemical-physical-mechanical characterisations of other ceramic products (sanitaryware, tableware, heavy-clay), according to the main national and international standards (UNI, EN, ISO, ASTM), as well as according to internal methods developed by Centro Ceramico (CC).

The laboratory is able to carry out tests of mechanical dishwashing resistance, resistance to microwave heating, in addition to impact test, thermal shocks, crazing, etc.
Moreover, it is possible to carry out the tests for Pb/Cd release according to CE Regulation – M.D.. Italy concerning ceramic wares in contact with food.

All the tests on tableware

The laboratory is able to carry out tests aimed at export in many European and non-European Countries. Tests for the characterisation of the ceramic body and glaze are usually performed.

All the tests on sanitaryware

As regards heavy-clay, the laboratory is able to carry out tests according to European standards for the masonry elements (EN 771-772) and paving elements (EN 1344).

All the tests on bricks

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