Project Description

On an increasingly global and competitive market, certification represents a strategic tool for the marketing of products and quality assurance of Made in Italy.
Product Certification is issued by an independent body (Certification Body) that grants a certificate, or the right of use of a Mark.
Product certification is a voluntary tool and is applied only to 1st choice products. Its purpose is to guarantee compliance with the Reference Standard (for ceramic tiles, EN 14411) and/or with specific requirements. Essentially, the product certification guarantees the quality of the product; see the page Product Quality.
The procedure to obtain the Mark, get through audits of the quality management system in the production plant, material sampling, laboratory tests carried out by instruments regularly checked.
The compliance tests are carried out on a lot of products; then is extended also to those that have not sampled and tested. So, compliance does not refer exclusively to the sampled lot, but to the entire annual production (of such product) that the Company has requested to certify.


  • Compliance with the Reference Standard: EN 14411 = ISO 13006 (EN=Europe, ISO=World)
  • Export:
    • simplification of the procedures for export to those Countries that require the evidence of conformity to the Standards and results of laboratory tests
    • thanks to the certification of the product you have available immediately Statement required by the immmediate availability of the Statements required by the Control Bodies, without waiting for the performing time of the tests, as well as abolition of misunderstandings with Customs, as a stop of the materials pending compliance, thus saving time and money.
  • Information and reassurance of the Customer on the upper quality level of quality of the material, concerning compliance with the Standard requirements and the Company that places on the market the products
  • Customer information on the voluntary submission of the company to third party verification on the constancy of the quality of its production
  • Benefits for the company, which gets quickly and with affordable costs a product conformity certification that, used internationally, is useful to solve several issues, including business relations and controversies.

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