Project Description

The laboratory owns a set of equipments suitable for:

  • achieving comminution operations of the material to make it suitable to the subsequent phases of the process
  • preparing suspensions
  • preparing specimens, semifinished products and prototypes suitable for obtaining materials and develop processes.

Contact Person:
Dr. Giovanni Ridolfi – e-mail
Mobile: +39 345 9317030


  • clamp crusher
  • mills (planetary, centrifugal and roller) with alumina. zirconia and porcelain jars
  • systems for facilitating the homogenization and preparation of suspensions (blade stirrer, three-roll mill, oscillating, US sonicator, Silverson mixer)
  • press for pressure casting
  • device for injection moulding
  • uniaxial press (with possibility to prepare specimens of different shapes)
    • bars of dimensions 70 mm x 10 mm and 80 mm x 20 mm
    • discs of diameter 40 mm
    • tiles 100 mm x 100 mm
  • semi-automatic screen stencil printer
  • hot air circulation oven
  • laboratory muffle furnace for firing up to 1200 °C (programmable, with operating temperature of: 1100 ° C, reachable in a time of at least 145 min. Chamber size: (h) x 150 (l) 200 x (w) 300 cm
  • chamber furnace for firing up to 1700 and 1800 °C.