Project Description

The laboratory deals with chemical-physical-mechanical characterisations of refractory materials, according to the main national and international standards (UNI, EN, ISO, ASTM), as well as according to internal methods developed by Centro Ceramico. It is possible to carry out chemical, mineralogical, microstructural, physical and mechanical analyses to investigate specific issues arisen on the materials during use.

Chemical tests, XRD, SEM-EDS

  • chemical analysis by ICP-OES
  • quantitative mineralogical analysis on sintered products
  • microstructural analysis by SEM observations and EDS microanalysis

Thermal tests

  • dilatometry
  • heating microscope

Technological tests

  • mechanical strength – ambient and high temperature (MOR, RUL)
  • refractoriness
  • bulk density, apparent porosity, total porosity
  • permanent linear and volume change
  • thermal shock

Contact Person:
Eng. Leonardo Sanseverino – e-mail
Mobile: +39 349 0700338