LIFE SUPERHERO: inspection of the demonstrator-buildings

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On February 16, 2021, the first inspection was held at the two buildings involved in the Project EU Life SUPERHERO, coordinated by the Centro Ceramico, in the framework of action C2 "Best-practice for realization of HEROTILE-based roofs", located in Reggio Emilia. The visit made it possible to better define the thermal and energy monitoring operation [...]

MImeSIS Project Newsletter – Phase 1 concluded

By |2021-02-22T10:32:16+00:00February 22nd, 2021|

Phase 1 of the Project allowed to identify the sensors suitable for integration both within traditional building materials (plasters, mortars, bricks) and for coupling with innovative systems for structural reinforcement and consolidation (adhesives, reinforcements, FRCM). These sensors are able to measure and monitor specific parameters identified as the main indicators of the degradation taking place [...]

Conference “Raw materials for ceramic tiles”

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On Feb. 25th 2021, the yearly webinar event "Raw materials for ceramic tiles", organized by I.Cer.S., will be renewed. The presentations will be based essentially on the very important and topical issue of circular economy for sustainable development. For Centro Ceramico, whose studies and researches have been inspired by these concepts for many years, Elisa [...]

Training and Research Afternoons start again in February

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The Cycle of "Training and Research Afternoons" is back in 2021 and will take place only online between February and May. This edition sees a subdivision of the conferences on two particularly significant and current topics: SALUBRITY OF SURFACES and SUSTAINABILITY AND DECARBONIZATION. Within the macro-theme "salubrity" ceramic surfaces will be analyzed under the aspects [...]

Ceramic industry and energy efficiency: we talk about it in the ENEA magazine

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A case study on the energy saving potential associated with cogeneration systems in the ceramic tile industry has been published in the ENEA magazine "Energia, ambiente e innovazione". Since the 1970s, ceramic sector has introduced strategies and actions aimed at optimizing energy consumption, including the recovery of heat from drying ovens, the reduction of the [...]