Project Description

The laboratory deals with the surface characterisation from a textural, microstructural, mineralogical and chemical-physical point of view, of different materials (tiles, bricks, natural stones and agglomerates, glass, etc.). In particular, it is possible to evaluate surface performance such as:

1. Reflectance and colour

  • Measurement of reflectance spectra for determining the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) according to ASTM E1980-11, in compliance with LEED 2009 NC Rating System and reference guide (US-GBC), LEED category: SUSTAINABLE SITES (SS CREDIT 7.1, HEAT ISLAND EFFECT: non-roof; SS CREDIT 7.2, HEAT ISLAND EFFECT: roof).
  • Determination of the solar absorption coefficient according to the Standards ASTM E903-12 and EN 410-11:2011 (E)
  • Thermal emittance measurement according to the Standard ASTM C 1371-15
  • Colour measurements: determination of the colorimetric coordinates (L, a, b) and colour differences (ΔLab, ΔCab and ΔHab ΔECMC)
  • Determination of LRV parameter (Light Reflectance Value) and colour differences (ΔLab, Δa and Δb) according to the Standards ASTM C609-20, AS 1428.1:2009 App. B, BS 8493:2008 + A1:2010.
  • Gloss measurement

2. Roughness and surface texture

  • Determination of the surface roughness parameters according to the standard EN ISO 4287. By means of the 3D non contact profilometer Leica DCM 3D it is possible to determine the thickness of functional coatings.

3. Durability

  • Durability tests concerning surface treatments / finishings / functionalisations

Contact Person:
Eng. Barbara Mazzanti:
Mobile: +39 340 9631182