Project Description

Rheology deals with the analysis of the deformation of solid or fluid structures, subject to creep. Its importance concerns many industrial processes, such as pharmaceuticals, food, plastics, rubbers, ceramics.
Indeed, the materials are not completely fluid, but show a nonlinear behaviour that, if not fully analysed, can lead to unexpected behaviour during manufacturing cycle and/or use. The rheological analysis concerns all processes in which materials can or should flow for any reason.
The laboratory carries out research and technical assistance activities in support of the industries.

Contact Person:
Dr. Giuliana Bonvicini – e-mail
Mobile: +39 340 2227688


The laboratory is equipped with a Thermo/Haake RS50 Rheometer with controlled stress, that allows to carry out the following tests:

  • flow curves at variable strain rate for the monitoring of the shear behaviour and for the determination of the viscosity
  • flow curves with controlled stress to verify the presence of a creep limit
  • step curves at constant strain rate for the evaluation of the time-dependency (thixotropy and viscoelasticity)
  • dynamic measurements of Stress Sweep for the assessment of the linear viscosity area
  • dynamic measurements – oscillatory mode – for the evaluation of the elastic and viscous moduli
  • measurements of creep recovery for the evaluation of the compliance.