Project Description

The laboratory carries out focused assessments to establish the performance from the point of view of hygiene, salubrity and safety of the surfaces of different materials (tiles, sanitaryware, tableware, bricks, natural stones and agglomerates, advanced technical ceramics, glass, glazes).

1. Cleanability

  • Tests of resistance to volatile dirt (by dirtying mix)
  • Tests of resistance to adhering dirt (by dirtying suspension)
  • Assessment of the presence of surface treatments
  • Resistance to stains test
  • Chemical resistance test

2. Antibacterial and hygienization

  • Tests of resistance to the sanitizing agents indicated in national and European sanitation Protocols
  • Determination of the resistance to the growth of bacteria according to the Standards ISO 27447, ISO 22196, ASTM 30311

3. Photocatalysis

  • Degradation of methylene blue (ISO 10678)
  • Removal of NOx (ISO 22197-1)
  • Colorimetric method (UNI 11259)
  • Measurement of contact angle (ISO 27448)

4. Wettability

  • Determination of the wettability of surfaces by measurement of contact angle according to the Standard ASTM D 7490

5. Durability

  • Durability tests concerning surface treatments / finishings / functionalizations
  • Accelerated aging test and verification of performance maintenance

6. Slip resistance

  • Determination of the slip resistance according to the main national and international standards
  • Evaluation of the presence and effectiveness of anti-slip treatments applied to the surface
  • Assessment of any performance variation, following surface treatments applied to the anti-slip surface (chemical resistance, staining, brilliance …)

Contact Person:
Eng. Barbara Mazzanti:
Mobile: +39 340 9631182