Project Description

The chemical laboratory carries out chemical analyses on raw materials, glazes and frits, mixes (for tiles, bricks, refractory and tableware), along with determination of macro-constituents (wt%) and even trace elements (mg/kg) by dissolution using open systems and microwave, followed by ICP-OES analysis.
Moreover, the chemical laboratory carries out:

  • release tests, in detail Lead and Cadmium release (mg/dm2 and mg/l), from glazed surfaces (tableware, ceramic slabs for kitchen top, etc…) addressed to food contact (with reference to FCM “food contact materials” regulatory framework)
  • tests on the eluates according to UNI 10802 (mg/l)
  • determination of Fluorine content in raw materials and fired products
  • determination of organic compounds according to Ministry Decree 13/09/1999 “Official analysis methods of the soils”
  • radioactivity measurements on raw materials and finished products, according to European Standards RP112 and Chinese Standards CCC
  • characterisation of clays for bricks with assessment of the drying behaviour, thanks to the possibility of extruding small samples, using a prototypal device developed at Centro Ceramico
  • firing tests using gradient kiln for fast cycle
  • firing tests using electric kiln with programming for slow cycles.

Contact Person:
Dr. Andrea Bernasconi – e-mail
Mobile: +39 345 8410333