Project Description

The laboratory deals with chemical-physical-mechanical characterisation of ceramic tiles according to the main national and international standards (UNI, EN, ISO, ASTM, BS, AS, UNE, SASO, DIN, CSTB) and also according to internal methods developed by Centro Ceramico (CC).
CC is accredited to carry out the tests EN ISO 10545 according to the Standards EN 14411 and ISO 13006; SASO ISO 10545 according to the Standards SASO ISO 13006; CAHIER DU CSTB 3778_V4 required by the QB-UPEC Certification.
This accreditation allows CC to carry out the activity of test laboratory for granting the right to use the marks CERTIQUALITY-UNI e CEN-KEYMARK and the test laboratory activity for the QB-UPEC Mark surveillance.
Accreditation involves the use of devices subject to calibration and controls required by UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 – General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

Adhesives for tiles
The laboratory deals with the most significant characterisations about adhesives, according to the main European standards, as well as according to internal methods developed by CC. In addition, on request, CC can carry out:

  • on building site – tensile adhesion strength tests, in order to verify the adhesion
  • adhesion tests on the basis of specific building schemes with any intermediate layers, both in the laboratory and on building site
  • on request by the foreman or the Company, it is possible to carry out the adhesion tests included in the reference standards, on the production batches of adhesive and tiles assigned to the building site

Installation membranes
Centro Ceramico carries out technological tests on membranes for the installation of ceramic tiling according to EN Standards (liquid membranes) and ANSI Standards (sound reduction- and crack isolation- membranes). It also performs tests on uncoupling membranes using the Universal Floor Tester instrument.

Contact Persons:


  • adhesion test system (testing device for the determination of the tensile strength)